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Working on personal and professional growth,
and on lasting working relationships.


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Building a culture of trust, and
working towards a learning organisation.


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Based in Leiden, but working internationally.
Face to face and online.


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Coaching and intervision

Internationally oriented organisations that like innovation and growth, understand that professional, human relationships must be future-proof.

Matching the ambition with which your company develops innovative products or new services, I will work with you on improving mutual (intercultural) communication, personal and professional growth and on creating a climate in which a learning organisation thrives. The working relationships reflect the momentum of your overall business.

For me as a psychologist, integrity, diligence and innovation are important principles as well. I always start from a scientific basis for my services and constantly strive for innovative insights. For me, online coaching and facilitation, alongside face to face meetings, represent such an innovation.

I offer international coaching, peer mentoring and intervision (peer review) training. I also work together with other professionals with a behavioural and managerial background to design another product tailored for you. With them I share the conscientious, but result-oriented approach, as well as the inquisitive, curious attitude.

Enabling growth of your ability to relate

About Carmen

I trained as a clinical psychologist (MSc) at Leiden University, and have been active as a corporate coach and trainer for over 15 years. As a trainer, I have worked at all levels in IT, retail, law firms, hospitals, healthcare and the government.

Currently I work as an international and executive coach, as psychologist and facilitator. I strongly believe in the value of coaching as a tool for personal growth, as a form of leadership development and as a means to foster meaningful relationships on the work floor.

I coach both face to face and online. So far, my work has been a great enrichment for me through the achieved emotional depth, focus, bridging great distances and flexibility. I am an experienced facilitator of intervision, as well as a supervisor of sessions as a trainer / consultant. I also supervise the implementation of intervision in organisations.

In my work with both individuals and groups, I create a safe atmosphere for profound learning and hard work. Using that learning environment as a starting point, room is created for building personal confidence and trust among co-workers. Intervision I see as a specific area in which psychological truth can be discovered and explored.  read more….